The age of cross fit and a Yogic Lore

The fitness industry is one that is constantly evolving. The era of heavy and expensive equipment is on its way out as more and more fitness consultants and experts have realized the use of the body itself as an exquisite equipment. Functional training involves the use of large muscle groups and the targeted movement of the same to achieve bodily fitness. Personally I started noticing the advent of cross fit in the late 2015.

In 2014, I attended a Hatha Yoga Training in a popular and well known Yoga Centre in Coimbatore. To my amusement, there was a segment in the same called ‘Angamardhana’. It involves a sequence of bodily movements using nothing but the body weight. Intense and rigorous, it is said to bring vibrancy and well being to the entire system.  Later when I was introduced to cross fit training, I was pleasantly surprised to note that a lot of the movements in Angamardhana were incorporated into the same. Angamardhana is known to be a system developed by the yogis of the past, to keep themselves fit and healthy during their time in the forests and during penance.

Cross fit or Yoga, it is up to each individual to choose a path that works best for them, sometimes even combining the two to get optimum results.

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