Ida Pullover

Leisure time clothing is imbued with charm thanks to a selection of sporty-chic garments which outline that need to stay fit in a range of inspirations, influencing activewear with the season’s maxi-trends, via sophisticated appliques and inserts.

Bamboo Jacket

Play, personalize, seduce. These are the key words for the line of jacket designed for any occasion: functional during the day or dazzling for the evening. Covered in all-over logos or minimalist they are the perfect for interpreting contemporary masculine multifaceted spirit.

Yogeek Top

When was the last time you wore something right from the nature’s lap? If you don’t remember then you have to experience the YOGEEK line of collection, Undyed, chemical-free and every process involved are completely organic. Experience the abundance of the cosmos.


Versatility, swag and comfort are the key words in a line designed for everyday wear, which loves to surprise with bold combinations and refined stylistic overtones. Sensual, sophisticated and charismatic, the Hood line reinterprets the brands elegance in modern-man style.

Nursing Gown

This meticulously crafted piece of art is a blend of Bamboo and Organic Cotton makes the baby and mother feel the softness of bamboo which feel lighter than the egyptian cotton.

Round Neck Solid

Daily, with a touch of personality. A line with a free masculine spirit which matches denim with bamboo fabric with destructed cuts, exploring different, intriguing mixes and matches of materials, creating ultra-masculine, seductive combinations.