Bamboo to Athleisure

We are obsessed with bamboo and we are mesmerised by what the fabric is capable of. The meticulously crafted journey of bamboo grass from the nature's lap to an athleisure is like a painting.We are exited to share the journey with you.

Bamboo Stem

It starts with the bamboo stem. These bamboo plants are naturally grown and harvested from Sichuan province of China.

Pulp Extraction

The Bamboo stem is crushed to extract the inner pulp.


The resulting bamboo pulp is then dissolved under sustainable conditions to generate the cellulose.

viscose fiber

The cellulose is then regenerated into bamboo viscose fibers.

Bamboo Yarn

The bamboo fiber is blended with organic cotton and spun into yarn.

Knitting of the yarn

The bamboo yarn is blended with Lycra to give the shape retention and knitted meticulously.

Dyeing and Panel wash

The fabric is dyed in Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals environment. A special panel wash is followed by the dyeing process.


The fully finished fabric is sewed in our factory with our patterns designed from London.